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The Making of HyperDot with Charles McGregor

We continue our chat with Charles McGregor! This time we focus in on the development of HyperDot from the initial idea all the way to release and the game awards. Some ideas that started out as “what ifs” grew until they were core components of the game!  Come find out Charles’ reactions to his own game and the development process as well as what…More


Becoming a Game Developer with Charles McGregor

Becoming a game developer is no easy feat. Especially when you’re wearing all of the hats as an independent developer looking to create their own company. Charles McGregor joins Preston this week to tell us how he got into programming and how that interest at a young age grew to a successful career.  Even though his story is unique to him, there is plenty…More

The History of Sega: Part 3

After the sloppy launch of the Sega Saturn in 1995, Sega was struggling. The second half of the 90’s would prove to be a challenge for the company, but there was one more shot at success: The Dreamcast.  Would it be enough to save the company? Journey back with us to second half of the 90’s to take a look at Sega’s internal struggles,…More

The History of Sega: Part 2

By 1993, Sega was America’s leading video game company, but was everything as good as it seemed? This second part of our documentary-style series on the History of Sega explores the company’s focus during the mid 90’s and the series of missteps that led to its troubled times. Journey back with us to the mid 90’s to take a look at Sega’s hardware from…More

The History of Sega: Part 1

From slot machines and photo booths, to arcades, to America’s leading video game company, this documentary-style episode explores Sega’s history with the help of Ken Horowitz. Journey back with us to discover how an early 1930’s father-son shop became a 1990’s video game juggernaut that seemed too big to fail. Transcript SEGA. Even if you know very little about video games, there is a…More

The History of E3

It’s that time of year again! The time for video game fans around the world to get excited! It’s the Electronic Entertainment Expo!!! But how exactly did E3 begin and how did it become this gaming destination as we know it today? New host, Preston Willke, has the answers! Episode Transcription Hello and welcome to Level Zero! This is the show that doesn’t really…More

Zelda: A Link to the Forgotten Past

From the Phillips CDi games, to the 1989 TV Series, to Link’s Crossbow Training, this episode explores the content from the Legend of Zelda series that has mostly been forgotten to time.  This is the 4th and final part of The Legends Behind the Legend of Zelda series! This episode includes a detailed review of the entire Legend of Zelda TV series cartoon, covers…More

Reinventing a Classic: The Wind Waker to Breath of the Wild

The Legends Behind the Legend of Zelda Series: Part 3! This episode covers the development of every mainline Zelda game from The Wind Waker to Breath of the Wild in order of release. It also gives details on game-play and shares music from all 12 of these great Zelda games.  Why Toon Link? What’s up with those weird multiplayer Zelda games? Was there really…More

Majora’s Mask: Aonuma’s Terrible Fate

The Legends Behind the Legend of Zelda Series: Part 2! This “Audio Documentary” tells the story of Eiji Aonuma and how he created the Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask. From stress, to nightmares, to an impossible deadline, this episode explains how Eiji Aonuma and his team overcame an impossible deadline, managed to create the game in just one year, and changed the fate of the Zelda franchise. In addition to explaining the creation of Majora’s Mask, this episode also provides a fan theory on the true meanings and intentions behind this bizarre game.More

Zelda: The Adventure of Miyamoto

The history of The Legend of Zelda series, and the Legends behind it: Part 1! As part of the celebration of the 35th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise, this episode is Part 1 of a special Mini-Series on the “Legends” behind the Legend of Zelda franchise. This episodes dives into the origin of the original Legend of Zelda and the developers behind…More

Physical or Digital Games: Which is Best?

You have options, but what is best? This episode explains the difference between physical and digital games and weighs the pros and cons. Convenience verses resale. A digital library verses sharing. Which is best? What is a digital licence and what on earth is DRM?More

Video Game Genres: What Arrrrr They?

Summary On this episode, Greg explains the basics when it comes to video game genres. He goes through the most common genre terms, how they work, and what popular games go with each genre. Then a special guest calls in and…… Sea Shanty? Also this episode finally clears up the confusion on RougeLikes and RougeLites! Timestamps: 00:30 – Game Geners 14:12 – Special Caller…More

Xbox Game Pass and How it Works

Summary On this episode, Greg explains Xbox Game Pass and how it works. This episode covers everything about this subscription service, from how to sign up, to the cost, and even lists the Top 5 Level Zero Game Pass games! This episode also answers listener questions, including questions about XCloud and whether a family should buy a Nintendo Switch or not. Also, hear a…More

Original Xbox Announcement Presentation – Level Zero Exclusive!

Summary This special bonus episode gives more detail from the History of the Xbox episode and plays more of the original presentation from the 2001 Consumer Election Show in Las Vegas. This features a never before heard musical number that was originally performed by The Rock and Bill Gates! (Well maybe its not real, but its a Level Zero Re-enactment at any rate). Enjoy!More

The History of Xbox and its Unconventional Origin

Summary In this episode, Greg explains the complete history of the Xbox along with a very special guest. 0:30 – Origin Xbox History 12:02 – Rest of Xbox History – Master Chief Co-Host 24:23 – Closing Your question can be answered on the next show! Submit questions to: Email: Questions@LevelZeroPodcast.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/LevelZeroPod Facebook: Facebook.com/LevelZeroPod Sources for this episode: Original Xbox Reveal – CES 2001…More

The History of the PlayStation and Its Unexpected Origin

Summary In this episode, Greg tells the crazy story behind the origin of the PlayStation. Special guests abound in this extra long and exciting episode. Did you know that Nintendo created the PlayStation?! The was a Nintendo Play Station? Your question can be answered on the next show. Submit questions to: Email: Questions@LevelZeroPodcast.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/LevelZeroPod Facebook: Facebook.com/LevelZeroPod Special thanks to Bob Buel for his…More

The History of Nintendo and the Perfect Console for Families

Summary This episode explains the expansive history of Nintendo with the help of a special guest. It then dives into the Nintendo Switch and explains why it is the perfect console for families. It also answers a listener question regarding Fortnite V-bucks as a Christmas present. You can submit comments or questions and have them read and answered on the show! Email: Questions@LevelZeroPodcast.com Facebook.com/LevelZeroPod…More